Bio-Technology Department

Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
Mrs.K.Vanaja HOD M.Sc., B.Ed., 11 yrs.
Sr.Margaret Priyanka Lecturer M.Sc. 01 yrs.

To make the students efficient in the cutting - edge curricula, the Dept. of Bio – Technology , arranged a Guest Lecture on 21st August 2018. The Resource Person, Mrs. K. Geethanjali – HOD – Dept. of Biotechnology , Govt. College for Women, Guntur, ignited the young Bio–Techies on the topic - “ Prospects and Challenges in Bio - Technology and Micro - Biology”.

The Chief Guest - Principal & Correspondent of the college – Rev. Dr. Sr. Fatima Rani.P motivated the students to acquire sound knowledge.

To make the students expertise, they were taken to the Science Fair on 24th November 2018, held at Chalapathi Pharmaceutical College, Lam. Creative abilities of the students were enhanced with their participation in the Project Work. They zealously involved in the various Projects like - Production of Beer, Isolation of Vitamin – A from Carrot etc.

The Presentation Skills of the Final Years were brushed up in the Seminar Presentations.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food – to create awareness among students on healthy and nutritious food, the Dept. of Biotechnology, in association with Life Sciences, arranged a Fantastic Food Fest on 9th February 2019. Students bee - lined to the dry fruit stalls and fresh fruit stalls arranged by the Biotechies.