Co-Curicular Activities

Co-Curicular Activities - Miladi un Nabi

In observance of Quami-Ekta Week, which was held from 19th to 25th Nov 2018, to foster the spirit of Communal harmony, to reinforce National Integration, to emphasize secularism, Milad–Un-Nabi was observed in the College on 20th Nov 2018.

Speaking on the Occasion, Principal and Correspondent of the college Rev.Dr.Sr.Fathima Rani.P, stated that National Integration makes the Nation Powerful and invincible, empowers the people, promotes peace and harmony brings energy through synergy.

Under the guidance of Mr.Sk.Subhani H.O.D Dept of Mathematics, Muslim girls presented the life of Holy Prophet Mohammed, his preachings and the importance of the festival.

As Milad-Un-Nabi reminds the humanity –kindness and compassion, the Muslim student community of the college, rendered their financial help to a charity house, and handed over the amount to the Principal and Correspondent of the college Rev.Dr.Sr.FathimaRani.P.