College Profile

The Management of the college is a composite of dedicated, devoted and humanistic Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann. They are the channels of love and compassion to the underprivileged peopled. Their main ambition is educate the rural girl children and build them as strong foundational stones of the society.

St. Ann’s college for women was established in 1997 to uplift the rural women, impart intellect and spiritual integrity into the young lives and serve them for overall development. It is affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University and ever since its inception it has been emerging as a universal cosmopolitan and prestigious college in Guntur.

Initially the college had only B.Sc (M.B.C), B. Sc (M.P.Cs) and B.Com (General) courses. In 1998, B.C.A course & B.Sc (M.S.Cs) were introduced. Keeping in pace with the emerging needs of the society, additional course of B.Com (Res ) was added in 1999. Seeing the aptitude for research in Biology, the courses were again streamlined in 2003 with the introduction of Biotechnology (B.B.C). To bridge the gap of previous value based education and the present day job oriented education, a Post Graduate course of M.C.A was installed into College Academics in 2003. During the Academic year 2007 – 2008, to be in par with the professionalism, M.B.A course was introduced and the college grew to the heights of excellence in educational ladder and thus reached the status of Post Graduate College.

Striving to be the best institution, emphasis on disciplined education has been laid by the college which is drawing the attention of thousands of Parents to seek the admission for their children into the St. Ann knowledge Temple. The college is renowned for the parental approval of Safety and Security of their children. It has social recognition for providing quality and quantum education.

In the present day of Commercialization of Education., though the college is encircled with many corporate colleges, still it has a strength of 900 students and 35 experienced, competent teaching Staff and 10 non teaching Staff, both at UG and PG levels.

As the college is away from hustle & bustle of City, a serene and calm environment prevails in the campus.