Botany Department

Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
Mrs.K.Vidyadhari HOD - Department of Botany M.Sc., M.Ed., 7 yrs.
Mr.D.Simon Lecturer, Botany M.Sc., B.Ed., 7 yrs.

Plant a tree, green the earth ,clean the air ,live happily. On 11th August ,2018, to beautify the campus, the students of Life Sciences planted saplings in the college campus. The program was inaugurated by the Principal and Correspondent Rev.Dr.Sr.Fatima Rani.P by planting a Rose sapling on either sides of grotto of Fatima Matha.

To enable the students, to identify the plants and their medicinal values and how they are used in Pharmaceutical Industries, on 24th November 2018,the students of Life Sciences were taken to Chalapathi Pharmaceutical College, Lam.

To widen the horizons of the knowledge of the students, a Guest Lecture was arranged on 11th November 2018. The Resource Person- Dr. V. Ezra Vijay Sekhar Lecturer. Dept. of Botany, A.C College, enlightened the young minds on the topic Plant Physiology and Metabolism.

Students of Life Sciences waved a flag of success in the Dr. T.S.Rama Rao Memorial Inter Collegiate Botany Quest - 2018 and won the Over All Championship on 21st December 2018. Divya Adhira of Final MBC proved her talent in Elocution Competition , P.Keertana of 1st BBC bagged the First Prize in Essay Writing Competition . K.Jemima Sharon of Final BBC showed her efficiency in Spot Painting. The Quiz Team added one more feather in the cap of Life Sciences by standing in the First Position.

To create an awareness about healthy food and dietary habits ,the Depts of Life Sciences organized a Fantastic Food Fest.Principal and Correspondent- Rev.Dr.Sr.Fatima Rani.P inaugurated the Food Fest. She lauded the efforts of the students and appreciated the role of the teachers in arranging the Fantastic Food Fest. Food outlets with a variety of mouth watering homemade dishes tempted and attracted each and every one alike .The whole family of St.Anns’s shared and relished food.