College Activities

Eco-Club Committee

Replenish the greener loss is the noble cause of Eco-Club Committee.

To sensitize the students to safe guard the environment and enable them to move towards a greener tomorrow, Eco Club-Committee targeted to plant 120 saplings. Plantation Activity was inaugurated by the Principal and Correspondent of the college, Rev.Dr.Sr.Fatima Rani.P.

To bring awareness among students about Natural Resources, Bharat Gas Proprietor, M.V. Raghuram conducted an awareness programme, on 4th Feb 2019.

Essay writing and Painting Competitions were conducted by the Senior Faculty Members on the topic-“Preservation Of Natural Resources”.

A Drop Of Water is Worth More than a sack of gold to a thirsty man-Eco-Club Committee joined the hands of N.S.S wing of the College and created awareness among the people of Gorantla about Safe Guarding Ground Water by using flexies and models.