Chemistry Department


Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
Mrs.B.Joyce HOD M.Sc., M.Ed., 20 yrs.
Mrs.G.Anitha Bhanu Lecturer M.Sc., B.Ed., 6 yrs.
Miss.S.Hima Bindu Lecturer / Guest Faculty M.Sc. ---

The Teaching & Non- teaching Staff of the Department of Chemistry are blessed by Principal & Correspondent Dr. Sr. Fatima Rani. P by sprinkling of Holy Water after renovation of Laboratory on 3rd July 2018 to successfully conduct all the Practicals and Activities in the course of time.

The Department Motto of 3A’s “Analyze, Apply and Achieve” for 3C’s “Comprehension, Conduction and Completion” could be accomplished by development and sharpening of the ability of Reasoning, Critical thinking, and productivity of the students. The following activities were organized in the Department

1. Paper, Model & Poster presentations in Paper V & VI for the Final year Students of Chemistry were conducted in the month of August & September 2018.

2. The visit to Science Expo 2k19 at Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lam, Guntur on 25th November 2018 made the students of of III MPC group to get knowledge and understanding about Instrumentation Techniques, Drugs & its Administration and Medicinal Chemistry, etc;

3. For individual analysis of the Project work on Soil and Water and Milk Analysis Analysis, on 19th January 2019 the students of Chemistry Cluster VIII ‘C’ were taken to KDM Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd, Guntur and RV Lab, Guntur.

4. On 21st January 2019 the ability to explain with good Fluency & Communicative skills of Final year Students on Environmental Chemistry concepts are evaluated in JAM Activity.

5. On 23rd January 2019, the Rapid Titration Skill Tests for Final Years and Quick Identification of given Mixture contests were conducted for First year Students,.

6. “FANTASTIC FOOD FEST 2K19” is the first of its kind that was organised in the College campus by all the Departments of Life Sciences on 9th February 2019. It was inaugurated and declared OPEN by the Principal & Correspondent Dr. Sr. Fatima Rani. P. At the Stall of “Roti with Chicken & Vegetable kurma” erected by the Department of Chemistry, Miss. Alex from III MPC explained the Six Major Nutrients of Food, their source, requirement and deficiency.

7. On 11th February 2019, the Creativity and Drawing skills of I BBC, MBC & MPC are exibited by displaying the Models and Cartoons in the Department of Chemistry.