Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
Mr.G.Bala Show Reddy Physical Director B.a., M.P.Ed., M.Phil. 2 yrs.

Sports and Games help to reduce stress,enhancesconfidence,discipline and leadership quality.The words of Principal and Correspondent of the College-Rev.Dr.Sr.Fathima Rani.P…..the five S’s of sports training areStamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Sprit, inspired the students to play indoor and outdoor games enthusiastically.

From 24th to 26th Aug2018 ,R.Aparna of participated in State Level Under 19 Girls Hand Ball Tournament at Anna University ,Chennai and brought a howling success to the college.

On 22nd Jan2019,Hand Ball Team of the college participated in Hand Ball Tournament at A.N.U Pharmaceutical Sciences in A.N.U and stood in the 2ndPosition.

D. HarithaFinal MPCs, D.Priyanka of Final MBC and R.Aparna of First B.Com(Res) were promoted to show their talent in All India South Zone InterUniversity WomenHand Ball Tournament,at Anna University,Chennai from 22nd Jan to 28th Jan 2019 and were applauded by the audience.

On 1st and 2nd Oct 2018,Chess players participated in “Inter CollegiateWomen Chess Tournament at Chalapathi Pharmaceutical College,Lam and hit a home run with their excellent performance and stood in the 4thPosition.

S.IndiraPriyadarshini of 2nd MCA participated in All India South ZoneInter-University Women Chess Tournament at VeltechUniversity, Chennai from 13th to 16thOct 2018 and was promoted to participate in All India WomenChess Tournament in Haryana stood in the 5thPosition.

National Sports Day was celebrated on a grand scale,on 29th Aug 2018,and Prizes were given to the winners in Sports and Games Competitions.

Students of U.G and P.G took part in several games and Sports Competition on the eve of Christmas and their confidence, concentration and leadership qualities were enhanced.