English Department

Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
Mrs.P.Rajeswari HOD M.A. Litt. 10 yrs.
Mrs.P.Sandhaya Lecturer M.A. Lit., 7 yrs.

Knowledge of Language is the door way to Wisdom. To prove this saying and to ignite the students to acquire speaking ability, the Dept of English arranged a Workshop on 24th January 2019 for the second Year Students.

The Chief Guest of the Workshop - Principal and Correspondent of the College - Rev.Dr.Sr.Fatima Rani. P attracted the attention of the students with her gift of the gab and presented a quotation - English is like music. The English language is really fit for singing the notes match the feelings and it makes sense. English is the Internet Language and also the International Language -she added.

Round the clock of the day, students were busy in show casing their talents in Spell-Bee Contest, News Reading and Enacting Conversations. Confidence levels of the students are exhibited in Spell Bee Contest.

Imitating the news readers of famous English Channels, students presented the news enthusiastically and were appreciated for their polished pronunciation.

Audience were impressed with the presentations in Enacting Conversations, when students took a variety of roles.

Mr.Y.Sridhar Rao - H .O.D, Dept of English, Pedanandipadu College Of Arts Science, enriched the young minds on the topic “Importance Of Communication Skills”.