Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
Miss.B.Mahalakshmi HOD M.Sc., 2 yrs.

To enrich the innovative abilities, to enhance critical thinking and to inculcate team spirit, the Dept of Micro - Biology , makes the students busy all round the year.

The Dept. of Micro - Biology, arranged a Guest Lecture on 21st Aug 2018 on Prospects and challenges in Micro - Biology & Biotechnology . The Resource Person Mrs. K. Geethanjali H.O.D, Dept of Bio-Technology, gave the hints to climb the highest rung in the ladder of success in their lives.

To boost up the innovative ideas of the students, they were taken to Chalapathi Pharmaceutical College, Lam on 24th Nov 2018.

The hidden talents of the Final years came to light with their Seminar Presentations. Students were as active as quick silver when they put their team efforts –to make their Project Work fruitful.

To feed the soul with the best, the Flagship Event - Fantastic Food Fest was arranged in the college on 9th February 2019. The food - a -holics witnessed and relished the delicious dishes. It was a Food Tasty Day.